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Dry Cleaning Experts



Dry Cleaning Experts

Yes, we are Drytron the carpet “Dry Cleaning” experts and in the industry more referred as “Pad Encap” or “Very Low Moisture (VLM)”. Some of our learner colleagues say their way is the better way. Believe us when we say, ‘Not all carpet and upholstery is a one size fits all.’

90 to 95 percent of carpet only need a low moisture clean, which is what we do every single day. However, if your carpet is extremely soiled with heavy spillages, or you are a restaurant or cafe and have very heavy and deep soiling give us a call as we are also equipped with our Hot Water Extraction machine (Steam Cleaning). Not a “Carpet Shampooer” from your local store promising the world, or a mediocre hire machine.

The PEX 500 (Pictured) is our newest machine added to our arsenal. People in the industry say this is the best portable carpet and upholstery machine on the market.

We are trained, certified, Insured and experienced in all areas of floor cleaning and restoration.


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